Taxi Transfers From Thessaloniki Airport to Ouranoupoli


Ouranoupoli is located 140km away from Thessaloniki Airport. Ouranoupoli is one of the most popular destination of Chalkidiki.

Some of the most popular hotels are Akrathos, Archodariki, Aristoteles Holiday Resort Spa, Athorama Hotel, Dioni Apartments, Eagles Palace, Akti Ouranoupoli, Anemos Apartments, Hotel Aura, Hotel Filoxenia, Theoxenia Hotel, Makedonia Hotel, Ouranoupolis Princess, Panorama Spa Hotel, Pansion Athos, Pansion Katerina, Pension Antonakis, Pension Irini, Porto Kalliali, Pyrgos Hotel, Sunset Hotel, Theopisti, Villa Litsa and Xenia Ouranoupolis.

The cost for the halkidiki taxi from Airport to Ouranoupoli is 120euro with a private taxi (4 passengers) and 150 euro with a private minivan (8 passengers).

Our driver will wait for you outside the arrival hall holding a paper with your name. Feel safe to travel with your family with our proffesional drivers, ask for the appropriate baby or child seat.

Also in the transfer service we provide free water for all passengers and free wi-fi in all of our vehicles.

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Sani Resort

A special place where nature and man exist in harmony. A family-owned ecological reserve stretching across 1,000 acres, with endless golden beaches enchantingly framed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and the magnificent pine forests of the Kassandra peninsula. Sani Resort will exceed your expectations in every way. A serene setting where you can enjoy nature and relish luxury and comfort. And where there’s always something new to enjoy. A place where we’ll indulge your every wish and help you rediscover the simple things in life.

Sani Resort is situated on the magnificent Kassandra peninsula, the first of the three beach-fringed peninsulas of Halkidiki. Sani overlooks Mount Olympus and is close to the glorious but unspoiled beaches of the Sithonia peninsula.This luxury resort is also within easy reach of Thessaloniki – Greece’s second largest city and the capital of Macedonia (also voted “Best Mid-Sized European city for human capital and lifestyle” by Financial Times in 2014). It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a vibrant cultural centre with theatres, clubs, contemporary art museums, galleries, designer shops and a bustling café culture. We get the sun all year round and even our winters are mild


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Why is Afitos beautiful?

Afytos (Greek, Modern: Άφυτος) is a village in Chalkidiki, northern Greece. It is part of the municipality Kassandra. It is situated on the northeastern coast of the Kassandra peninsula, 6 km northeast of Kassandreia, 31 km south of Polygyros and 73 km southeast of Thessaloniki. In 2001 its population was 1,227. Its elevation is 50 m. The area around Afytos consists of farmlands in low hills. Its economy is based on agriculture and tourism. Its folklore museum was founded in 1980 by the folklore councillor Nikos Paralis. The museum is located in the building of the Alevras family. Councils and clubs include the Folklore Friendship Council and Afytos Tradition. It is a peaceful destination for many tourists and many also choose to have a second residence.

Afitos is a very beautiful resort, situated in the peninsula of Cassandra in Chalkidiki. It is built on a rock, which dominantly towers over the sea and looks a lot like an island of the Aegean . Its name has been preserved for thousands of years, either as Afitos which originated from the ancient name “Aphitis” or as its paraphrase “Athitos”. The origin of the name comes from either a man named “Aphiteos” or from the ancient word “Aphitis” which means abundance of plants.

It is a place endowed with a lot of natural beauty. The visitor can enjoy the superb sea, with the most clear and warm waters in the Mediterranean Sea and the small sandy seashores which are pleasantly decorated with small rocks coming out of the water. The place is of great historical and environmental significance because we find here the ancient millstone quarries, as well as important biotopes where most fish species come to spawn. Here, the visitor can also see the primitive nature of Chalkidiki, where the native pine trees water their roots in the waters of the Toroneos gulf.

However, the most amazing sight of all is the awe-inspiring traditional village of Afitos with its 28 century-long history. Resisting the unorganized tourist housing development and in order to maintain their cultural inheritance pure, the inhabitants of Athitos have been trying to develop their place through their culture by promoting the natural beauty as well as the traditional village and the ancient history of their place. So, the old houses of porous stone have been renovated, the streets have been paved and the place now imposes its dignified beauty on visitors and on the locals making Athitos an amazing place to visit.


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Staying Safe, tips for Taxi Drivers

Over the last week national and local press have covered several stories where minicab drivers have been attacked or assaulted. This got us thinking – how vulnerable are minicab drivers? And more importantly what can be done to keep drivers, and their taxis safe?

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you always operate within the law. As tempting as a filling an empty return on the sly may be, it isn’t a good move. The law is there to protect you, and your profession. If you step outside of the legal limits, you put yourself at risk of anything from non-payment to false claims, and there will be no procedures to help.

Secondly make sure that you give and take as much information as possible from your passenger when they book. Making sure that you know exactly what to expect means that you can prepare for the journey ahead. If it is a late night trip there may be someone a little tipsy, so make sure you know where is suitable to let someone out early if they are ill.

Likewise, if they are taking their family on holiday, make sure you know how much luggage space they will need. Making sure you have accurate and plentiful information about your taxi passengers will prevent any awkward conversations, or having to decide which suitcase to leave behind!

Making sure that people have booked your services in advance and that the price is set out is another good way to keep your taxi calm. Remind your passengers of the agreed price before setting off to make sure they have a chance to back out or can ask you to stop at an ATM en route.

Don’t forget you have the right to refuse a passenger if they are behaving in an aggressive or unsafe way. If your passenger is acting badly, stick to well known and busy areas and ask them to leave the taxi at a safe place. You shouldn’t feel unsafe in your workplace and we wouldn’t want you to either!

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