Staying Safe, tips for Taxi Drivers

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Over the last week national and local press have covered several stories where minicab drivers have been attacked or assaulted. This got us thinking – how vulnerable are minicab drivers? And more importantly what can be done to keep drivers, and their taxis safe?

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you always operate within the law. As tempting as a filling an empty return on the sly may be, it isn’t a good move. The law is there to protect you, and your profession. If you step outside of the legal limits, you put yourself at risk of anything from non-payment to false claims, and there will be no procedures to help.

Secondly make sure that you give and take as much information as possible from your passenger when they book. Making sure that you know exactly what to expect means that you can prepare for the journey ahead. If it is a late night trip there may be someone a little tipsy, so make sure you know where is suitable to let someone out early if they are ill.

Likewise, if they are taking their family on holiday, make sure you know how much luggage space they will need. Making sure you have accurate and plentiful information about your taxi passengers will prevent any awkward conversations, or having to decide which suitcase to leave behind!

Making sure that people have booked your services in advance and that the price is set out is another good way to keep your taxi calm. Remind your passengers of the agreed price before setting off to make sure they have a chance to back out or can ask you to stop at an ATM en route.

Don’t forget you have the right to refuse a passenger if they are behaving in an aggressive or unsafe way. If your passenger is acting badly, stick to well known and busy areas and ask them to leave the taxi at a safe place. You shouldn’t feel unsafe in your workplace and we wouldn’t want you to either!

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